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Stiles are an everyday phenomenon that are sadly overlooked and taken for granted by the general public. These seemingly simple constructions are essential for our enjoyment of exploring the countryside as we try to navigate those tricky field boundaries, as they provide a necessary alternative to climbing a fence or gate. So, I decided that it was about time that these essential items got the coverage and appreciation that they deserve.

They of course come in all shapes and sizes, with various styles and standards of maintenance, and so here it is; my defintive guide to the various stiles that I encounter during my various countryside expeditions.

In my home county of Kent the council will not authorise the construction of new stiles, and to replace any exisitng styles with the far more orthodox and less exciting gate or gap. So it is official that in Kent stiles are an endangered species.

Please join me in this appreciation of the Great British stile before they dissapear for good!



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