Near Harbledown, Kent – 5/10

When taking on the complicated and thankless task of analysing a stile, part of the mark that goes for presentation is not just of the structure of the stile itself, but also the surrounding immediate area of the stile. If this is not sufficiently maintained then it can not only ruin the overall visual presentation of the stile in question, but also hamper the usability of the stile in a rather severe way. The long grass is bad enough, but the stinging nettles that are there to inflict pain on anyone not wearing thick legwear adds insult to injury.


The stile itself once again has the controversial metal fence / wooden step hybrid design which is not particularly visually appealing, while the lacklustre cutting of the fence on each side only exacerbates this. The steps themselves are solid and firm in structure, and though they are not used in the preferred cross step design, the two on each side are at a decent height. So, if you can survive the stinging nettles, navigation of the stile itself is relatively stress free.


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