Near Stodmarsh, Kent – 3/10

First impressions are very important, and here we have yet another example of poor upkeep, which immediately revokes confidence in a stile before it is even navigated. Once the confidence is gone, then it is very hard to regain it!

Though the wood used has seen better days, the single step (!) is very solid, and the frame is not too jittery. The lack of a second step is compensated by there also being no third bar, so navigation is not hampered too much.

However, extra caution must be taken as there is not only the wire fencing poised to catch out the unaware, but there is also those three (!) loops of barbed wire on the left post ready to slice open your hand and infect it with a friendly does of tetanus! Many marks must be deducted for such a flagitious demonstration of total irresponsibility.

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