Near East Stourmouth, Kent – 2/10

Is this some kind of messed up attempt at mind games?!? The stile itself is both contemporary and decent, with a dog gate and mainstream design of three bars and crossed steps. However, while it tempts us in with its appreciation of genre norms we are then all of a sudden told with the aid of overly aggressive signage and giant white things that we are not allowed to even experience what has the potential to be a textbook climbing experience.

If this is no longer a public right of way (the cynic in me suspects that this probably still is!) then spend a few quid removing the stile, as this is a frustrating waste.

The design of the stile itself in isolation would be a very solid 6/10, but they of course come as an overall package taking into account the immediately surrounding area and presentation, and marks must be deducted for this.

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