Near Blean, Kent – 2/10

Is this a stile or a death-trap?!? A very common act of dissent for them begrudgingly upholding their covenants is for farmers to put cows in their fields that happen to also contain public footpaths. The warning sign added to just feels like an additional abhorrent act of discord and not any kind of helpful warning.


Just navigating this stile itself is filled with peril and danger thanks to the barbed wire that is primed and ready to infect the unaware with tetanus, while the single step (!) and entire frame are sloppily put together and very rickety, making navigation treacherous.


Then if you by some minor miracle are able to successfully navigate this contraption you will have some hefty and less than friendly looking bovine characters waiting for you!

It is best to not even attempt this and turnaround. The farmer here may have won the victory, but the war is yet to be decided!

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